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We offer a transparent and professional real estate service.

  • Sales
  • Rental adminitration
  • Assessment rentals and sales
  • Real estate management
  • Real estate, tax and legal advice
  • Certificates of habitability
  • Certificate of energy efficiency
  • Real estate marketing
  • Individual and personal counseling

A clean house is the most important factor to present your property in the real estate market.

We have noticed higher demand for this service, we are different from other market offerings, We offer your property in the best condition.

  • We organize thoroughly cleanings.
  • We take care of the maintenance of pools and gardens.
  • Supervision and order in all kinds of repairs and alterations.
  • We make up to date your home, so that you can enjoy the most of your holidays.

To make your investment work for you during your absence, we offer you the more competitive holiday rental service, 20 years of experience and the trust of our clients tells us that your property will be in the best hands.