Once you have notified us of your booking request, you will receive (by e-mail) a lease.

The rental contract includes:

Your personal information (name, address, including telephone and mobile , number of people, pets, etc.), the date to your required vacation property (name, address, prices according to the website), possibly desired services or special agreements, advance payment (around 30 - 35% of the rent) to pay by bank transfer, the final payment (they can transfer 4 weeks before arrival or pay in euro on the date of arrival), deposit ( depending on the holiday house between 200 or 600 euro which only pay in cash on the date of arrival) We do not accept checks and credit cards.

After checking the completed rental contract, you confirm that you accept the contract and send us a e-mail.
With your rental contract confirmation or bank transfer of the advance payment, you accept our terms and conditions, which are also on the website.
After sending the rental contract we hold this holiday house to the receipt of your advance payment (max. 10 days) reserved for you.

When we receive your transfer on our bank account - is your "reservation" now entered as "firm booking" in our booking system and you will get then again (via email) a rental deposit and confirmation.. With this confirmation you can - specifically recommended by us - to take out travel cancellation insurance with any insurance company. If you 4 weeks before arrival the final payment be transferred to our account – When we receive your transfer we will send you a confirmation of payment. Services: orders linens, towel packages , children packages etc. We can only accept up to 2 weeks before arrival and only as long as sufficient of our stock. Give us min. 2 weeks prior to arrival notice (please notify for organizational reasons only via email!) WHEN ???? (Time roughly) you are planning to arrive in Empuriabrava.

Only timely information from you about your estimated time of arrival - we can take this into account in our planning - to save you long waits at your arrival !!!
But please consider starting with your arrival planning CHECK-IN / after 15 pm (to 19 pm).
After receiving this information from you , we will send you an email with details on your arrival :Who from our team you check in and will be in charge (with the appropriate mobile phone number.).


All our guests are greeted personally - this is possible after 15 pm (to 19 pm). We will wait at the entrance from Empuriabrava to welcome and accompany you to your holiday. If you are already familiar in Empuriabrava, we can also meet us right at your holiday home. Please call your assigned supervisor from our team directly after your arrival to make an appointment and meeting place. (You can contact us on your arrival after 13 pm)
Our representative will make yourself familiar with your holiday, as well as keys and pay the remaining amount and the deposit settle with you (We do not accept checks, credit cards, foreign exchange, etc.).
For CHECK-IN after 20 pm and on Sundays we have an additional charge of 20, - Euro.

During your stay
We are the normal business hours of Monday to Saturday for you attainable..



Directly on your arrival our representative will make an appointment to your departure time and decrease of the holiday home with you, this may be from 07.00 - to 09:30. After perusal of the holiday property and defect-free return, you will receive your deposit lodged again in cash back.
If you want to leave early in the morning or in the night, we can make this possible and will then transfer back your caution after inspection. Please, inform our supervisor in time and this then your bank details for the transfer of your deposit report (bank charges by the guests).
They are Information in all our holiday properties, we put for you Town maps and information leaflets.
You will also receive a lot of important information and further recommendations from our compiled for you home folders, they also include an indication of the local tourist information office where you will be glad to help in almost any language.



The final cleaning includes not clean the wash and the dishes / cutlery, cooking utensils used and the daily household. Cleaning the outdoor grills (if present in the objects) is also tenants thing. When the grill is not clean, it is deducted from the amount of the deposit..

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